TEFFA - Technology in aluminum casting

Who we are

Teffa has expertise in automotive industry, especially in aluminum large parts die-casting with high complexity.

Headquartered in São José dos Pinhais (Parana), the company has a skilled technical team, operating in a high-tech industrial park, also with considerable investments in research, which result in constant updates and improvements for both products and services.

TEFFA - Technology in aluminum casting


Our mission is being excellence multipliers in manufacturing of parts and components for automotive vehicles engine system.
To be recognized as the best parts supplier in the metalurgic market, differentiated by a very positive relationship with clients, acquired by the values shown.
• Agility
• Continous improvement
• Optimism multipliers
• Social responsibilityl
• Respect
• Confidence
• Teamwork

TEFFA - Technology in aluminum casting

Technology and inovation

Our processes are based on updated concepts of lean manufacturing, which result in a low operacional costs.

We have attended fairs and seminars all over Brazil and other countries, with the objective of being always investing and applying solutions that reduce our costs, in order to be more competitive, in consequence, offering more benefits and added value to our clients.

Quality policy

Teffa acts in manufacturing of large casting aluminum parts, fulfilling clients values and requirements, with continuous efficiency, followed by a skilled- quality management system, regularly improved, also investment in human capital, to add value in the process and quality for the manufactured products.

Aluminum part manufactured by TEFFA
PeAluminum part manufactured by TEFFA
Aluminum part manufactured by TEFFA


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